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To be confident on the field is to have practiced and trained so rigorously that having a ball at your feet is second nature. Confidence comes with working hard, persistence, and passion. We love footwork and we love challenging our athletes to challenge themselves and make their dribbles their own. “I’ve done some tricks that people started talking about…I always dribble for a reason and I always head for a goal.” - Neymar Jr.


When it comes to soccer, creativity is key to unlocking a defense on and off the ball. Whether you’re in the backline or the target, creativity is a highly sought after quality that we enjoy developing and nurturing. “I see football as an art and all players are artists. If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.” - Cristiano Ronaldo



The difference between a good player and a great player is the speed at which they make their decisions. Pressure, awareness, and vision help with the speed at which we make decisions. We challenge our athletes by integrating these aspects of the game into training sessions in order to help them become instinctual. “The best decisions aren’t made with your mind but with your instinct." - Lionel Messi 

what is the SQUAD? 

The SQUAD is our online training program. It’s broken into 2 sections: learning and training. Through the learning portal you’ll see all our step-by-step tutorials for attacking skills and turns as well as how to use them against a defender. The training area will give you an opportunity to practice those skills and many others in a competitive, fun environment. 

what ages can use the SQUAD? 

Anyone can use this training program as it starts off with ball mastery and progresses into more complicated drills. I would recommend not to “Complete Drill” until you feel comfortable with the movement because the skills build on themselves.

how will the SQUAD help me?

This tool is designed to increase your skill and confidence on the ball through the use of repetition to build muscle memory. The program is progressive and starts by building a foundation of basic coordination and rhythm with the ball. It then progresses in difficulty by adding in attacking skills and turns in game-like scenarios. These drills are designed to increase your comfort, confidence and creativity in 1v1 and tight space situations.

what equipment do i need for the SQUAD?

A soccer ball, markers (cones, tape, socks, etc.) and some space.

what is the cost of the SQUAD?

We wanted to make our training program accessible to everyone so the price is only $4.99/month or $50/annually. 

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